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How much does Luxora charge? Prices vary according to details and we pride ourselves on creating unique, tailored experiences just for you – so please call us for a free quote. Typically, soloist pricing for most private events in the Metro Los Angeles area starts at $300. For group shows, we can usually offer significantly discounted rates and work within your budget to create something wonderful.

How long is the show? This also varies, but a standard show is typically around 30 minutes. Sometimes with audience participation can extend to 45 minutes or more. We also offer shorter sets with breaks in between (extra fees apply for extended wait times between sets / all-day events).

But I want you to perform for 2 hours It may seem that way, but trust us – the sweet spot for most audiences is truly around the 20-25 minute mark. As experienced entertainers we know it’s best to leave them wanting more. Sometimes 15 minutes is plenty; some audiences really stay engaged for a full show of 45 minutes and we are happy to oblige. Please speak to us directly to help determine the best format for your occasion.

Do you charge extra for audience participation or photo opps? Not at all! We include these at your request, no extra charge.

How many dancers should I hire? We can help you decide based on your event. For Bellydance, intimate soloist shows are always a great option. For larger or variety shows, we recommend three or more dancers to facilitate costume changes. We can go as big as your vision!

I got a quote for less, what’s the difference? In Entertainment as elsewhere, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, especially in the cultural arts (like Middle Eastern Dance), the market is flooded with amateurs who provide subpar quality shows and undercut the market. Luxora is at the higher end of this market but in line with what other quality professionals charge.

What types of events do you perform at? Weddings, private parties, corporate events, baptisms, engagement parties, bachelorette parties, yacht parties, company parties, holiday parties, concerts, cultural festivals, school shows, Arabian and Moroccan Nights parties, charity events, nightclub and restaurant residencies, grand openings, tours – you name it!

Do you do bachelor parties or go-go dancing? No. Those are among the few exceptions.

We only want a 10-minute show – is the price the same? Yes. We don’t charge less for a shorter set.

Do you offer discounted rates for residencies? Yes, absolutely. Please ask us about our rates for weekly or regular shows, and how we can help you grow your business.

Why should we hire Luxora? Because your guests deserve the best. Luxora offers the rarity of a truly world-class entertainment experience at accessible prices. With global five-star experience and deep roots in the local community, Luxora brings together the very finest talent with the highest regard for professionalism and client experience. We love making your guests happy and creating memorable experiences.

Can you do more than one style in a single show? No problem! We offer variety shows with various styles and costume changes to keep things exciting. Just ask!

We love your style, but want something custom– can you do that? Usually, yes! We love creating custom shows, and draw inspiration from many global and temporal influences. We also create fabulous, bespoke costumes to fully express the vision.

Do you allow tipping? Tipping artists – not just dancers but singers and musicians – is a cherished custom in the Arab World, where it most often takes the form of throwing or fanning money over the performers as a show of gratitude for their talent and the joy they bring people. Here in the U.S., many audiences are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with this custom, and rather opt for trying to stuff money in a Bellydancer’s costume. We tend to encourage the former and discourage the latter (unless it’s in a respectful manner and location, like the neck strap or side of belt, and a larger bill you’d rather not throw on the floor). You can tell your guests ahead of time to change money and bring bills to use for tips, and show them how it’s done. For other styles of dance, guests can feel free to put money in a tip jar or discretely hand to performers as they please.

How far in advance do we need to book? That depends on you, but we recommend giving us as much notice as possible in order to secure your booking on our calendar. Don’t hesitate to contact us last minute, but please keep in mind that weekends are busy and notice helps reserve your artists.

How do I book my show? We make that part easy! Call, email or fill out our online form. After we’ve discussed the details and decide on a show plan, we send a simple contract and request a deposit to secure the booking. Once we have those you are all set! We put your event on calendar and don’t book anyone else for that date and time. We look forward to hearing from you!