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Praise for Luxora Dance Company & Odalisque



This is the show!

This is the show!!! So beautifully choreographed!! Thursday nights are amazing!!!!! Do not miss this incredible show. I have never seen such an incredible ensemble of music and dancing. What an amazing night we had all had at El Cid!!! – Genna L.


A revelation!

Baheyya El-Ghazal and the Luxora Dance Co. are a revelation! I caught a show at the El Cid on a Thursday night and was completely blown away! These dancers are the real deal! These women are masters of their art and on stage, they explode with charisma and beauty. They have an interesting repertoire too, drawing from many different dance styles and bygone eras of burlesque. The whole show is completely enchanting, full of feathers, glitter, and veils! It is sexy, but never lude. It is gorgeous, but not  baroque. The only other live belly dancing I have seen was weighed down by dark colors and heavy feet. This show is  vivacious color and graceful movement. What makes it interesting too is the various types of performers in the company. Each woman has her own look and her own personality shining through. I was so happy to have seen something this vibrant in person. This has got to be some of the best dance performance of its kind in Los Angeles. CHECK them out! – Rachel C.



Magic! I was so entertained! I thought I had seen it all in my travels and experience! This show had the most beautiful costumes I have ever seen. The dancers are so talented. The show was action packed with many different styles of dance. It was a whirlwind adventure around the world! I was amazed. I especially liked a dance done with two sticks that were simultaneously twirled. Incredible show! I cannot recommend it enough!!! – Kirsten V.


Awesome! The best!

Baheyya put on a superb show at my birthday party. She is gorgeous and a very talented dancer and entertainer. Her show was fabulous. She is a master of her art and is wonderful at engaging the audience and getting them involved in the show. Towards the end of the performance she and her two lovely dancers got the whole house up and dancing. Everyone loved it. – Paul R.



Baheyya danced at my wedding, at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and did an amazing job! She not only was able to get a really good drummer like discussed but a 2nd one also showed up, bonus! They did a great job at entertaining the crowd, and everyone seemed to have a blast! She's just as good as Dina, the famous Egyptian belly dancer! She showed up on time and was always smiling and beautiful to look at. I recommend Baheyya for any of your important events. She definitely made my wedding a great one and I'm sure all my guests will remember her performance :) – Nora M.



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